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We have just become AirBnB superhosts and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and the team for your hard work and professionalism. Without your commitment, it wouldn't have been possible. Thanks again.

Ali and Jean-Pierre

Thanks to you and Samanta for arranging the cleaning of the flat at such short notice. Also thank you in general for everything you both help me with. I can't tell you enought. You both help us tremendously. This would be far more difficult without you.


You and Samanta have been superb this summer - thank you so much for all you have done.


We are looking forward to this season and using your excellent services again.


Dear Andrea, Daria and Sanja
A note to thank you all for your excellent service in helping resolve the current issues in our flat.
It is so reassuring to know that we have the Elim team on hand to help deal with these unexpected challenges. We greatly appreciate it, as I am sure do the guests.

Katie and Andy

Thank you for all your help over the past few years. Also, thank you for everything, you have been very honest and always helpful.
Yours sincerely,


We have all confidence in a new year of good cooperation with you.


Hello Sanja,
These accounts look good. Thanks for all your hard work, and especially for taking care of the guests in October with the leak. You are an honest and trustworthy business partner -- a rare and precious blessing!


The new owners where particurarly pleased with how clean everything was in the apartment. Thanks for all your help as usual.


Dear Sanja: Thanks for sending the photos of the cupboard and ironing board. They both look splendid! And we appreciate all your efforts for us.


You're a star. Thankyou!!


Cara Sanja, grazie per la Tua disponibilità di venerdì per i problemi delle finestre degli appartamenti.
Sei stata molto gentile. Grazie ancora.


Sanja and everyone at Elim has always been very helpful - quick to respond to emails, sorted out any problems we had with the apartment and generally made our lives easier. We appreciate everything they've done and the level of service has always been excellent.And we are really grateful for the way you have dealt with everything.

Chris & Kath

And especially with our neighbours (!) We were always happier knowing you were there in Rovinj. Thanks again for everything. We would like to thank you for everything you have done over the years. You and your company have been a huge help to us - we couldn't have run the business if Tessa hadn't find you.


You've been so reliable and helpful, I'm not surprised your business has grown so quickly. We really couldn't have done it without you.


Thanks as always for your very sensible and reassuring approach to this. I have been really worrying about this and feeling very helpless and frustrated at not being able to get this sorted out. Thanks for reassurance - always know that when you are involved things are managed really well.


Di questo ti ringrazio e ti d'atto di grande professionalità. In fondo, qualche disguido, se si lavora, è normale.